7 Invaluable Websites on Your International Adoption Journey

International adoption can be a very daunting process. There are varying rules, regulations, and qualifications based on what country you plan to adopt from. Though the process can seem overwhelming, there are several websites out there that have the information you need to make your adoption journey as smooth and simple as possible.

International Adoption Sites:

  1. Adoption.com/International

Adoption.com is not only the largest adoption site on the world wide web, it’s also a virtual encyclopedia about international adoption. On the link above you can find dozens of guides about adopting from nearly any country that has an adoption program. These guides, articles, and international wikis can be the building blocks for beginning your adoption.

  1. U.S. Department of State

This is the most important website regarding international adoption. It lists all of the necessary documents, stipulations, and regulations about international adoption in the United States. It also has links that will help you learn more about the rules and regulations regarding international adoption as it varies from country to country. It is updated in real time as laws are passed making it the absolute best place to find the information that you need. It would be wise to visit this site and study it carefully before making any decisions on international adoption.

  1. CCAI China Adoption Services

This group specializes in assisting parents with international adoptions and even offers free training to prospective adoptive parents. They have a wide range of countries they work with and are well respected within the international adoption community. They are a great place to look into as you make your way through the international adoption process.

  1. New Beginnings Family and Adoption Services

This is a great site for those interested in adopting from China. It lays out the basic rules, regulations, and requirements for adopting from China and offers advice as well. If you are interested in adopting from China, please check this site out.

  1. India Central Adoption Resource Authority

This is a helpful site for those interested in adopting from India. This is an official, Indian government site that lists not only the rules and regulations for adopting from India, but how children qualify for such programs. This is a valuable resource for those considering adoption from this country.

  1. The National Infertility & Adoption Nonprofit

This site is helpful for families hoping to adopt from Haiti. It lists the requirements for adoption from Haiti and other frequently asked questions about the adoption process in an easy to follow format. It also lists information on how and why children end up in state care.

  1. Considering Adoption

This website lists information on the rules and regulations for adopting from South Korea. The information is easy to follow and read and is very helpful for those interested in adopting from this country. Please be aware that South Korea is in the midst of a transitional period regarding international adoptions and you may run into some bureaucratic hiccups during this process if you choose to adopt from this country.

These are only a small handful of websites that can assist you on your international adoption journey. Research your options thoroughly, and be patient with the system and yourself as you move forward.