Top 5 Adoption Forum Sites

Finding the best way to build your family can be both exciting and confusing. Thankfully, we live in a day and age where we have many options. Adoption forum sites provide information and support in a myriad of ways. Read along as I highlight the top 5 adoptive forum sites in no particular order.

  1. – is a full-service adoption forum. It is the world’s largest online adoption community with over 200,000 members and almost 3 million posts. It’s a well laid out site that provides easy-to-use tabs for every aspect of the adoption process. It has photolistings of adoptive families, a place to upload your photolisting, and support and information for birth families. It also contains the best adoption gifts, discussions about adoption, parenting, a Reunion Registry, as well as photolistings of waiting children. It also contains links to help with financing your adoption.  
  2. – This site is also formatted well and offers resources for all members of the adoption triad. It is an easy to use, straightforward forum site where you can ask any question regarding adoption and foster care and get answers.
  3. – Americaadopts offers photolistings of families waiting to adopt. It provides a brief synopsis of the families and their lifestyles. The site offers a multitude of resources for pregnant women trying to decide if adoption is the right choice for the child and them. The site provides extensive advice on looking for an adoptive family online. It provides pros and cons for finding a family. The site also provides assistance in writing a profile and how to market to find the best results. 
  4. – has a very user-friendly website. It offers similar services to birth parents and potential adoptive parents. It also provides support and information on infertility.  The site offers information on surrogacy, embryo adoption, and in vitro fertilization. It also offers help for adoptees seeking assistance in finding their birth families. has resources and information for all members of the adoption triad.
  5. – This site is a little less user-friendly, but it is still stocked full of tons of information. It has discussion forums for all parts of the adoption process and contests featuring happy adoptive families from all parts of the country. It provides information on transracial adoption, foster care adoption, and help for parents seeking parenting advice. The site also provides links to literature and information to help a prospective adoptive parent.

No matter what route you choose to pursue adoption, there are many options available. These sites give excellent resources and information no matter if you’re just starting to research adoption or if you’re years in and needing extra support as you pursue finding a family for your child or a child for your family.