11 Great Adoption Blogs You Should Read

  1. Sister Serendip

Learn about Gina’s inspiring foster-to-adopt story here.

What began as a trip to the hospital to pick up an infant turned into an opportunity to adopt three siblings at birth. Gina shares her unique insights on interracial adoption and adoption loss as well as the joys of creating a new family through foster care.

  1.   Bits of Bee

Find out about Bianca Bujan’s experience as a mixed-race adoptee who became a writer and editor here.

  1. Jaime Ivey

Learn about Jaime’s three Haitian adoptions here.

The tidy, inspiring site features weekly podcasts with prominent personalities connected to adoption as well as the blogger’s own daily insights and struggles as an adoptive mom whose faith lights her path up each morning.

  1. Julia K. Porter

An adoptive mom, PhD in English, and knitter, Julia shares her wisdom here with such headings as “Celebrate Mother’s Day With Famous Moms from Art and Literature” and “Vision Tracking for Your Kids…At Your Fingertips!”

  1. Lauren Casper

With artisan photos, inspiring quotes, and excellent recommendations, you can read Lauren’s blog here. The story of her adoption of two children from Ethiopia is deep, elegant, and encouraging.

  1. Rage Against the Minivan

You can read Kristen Howerton’s refreshingly raw blog about raising a transracial, adopted, and biological family here. With titles like “Sometimes I Ignore My Family, and That’s Okay” and “Christians Behaving Badly,” her honesty will leave you grateful that you are not alone in your struggles.

  1. Nicely Family Adoption Story

Read about this family’s realistic and inspiring experience adopting four children from Poland at the same time here. The thrills and patience it takes to adopt older children from another country are documented here with encouraging truths such as “Fear not! I assure you things will get better!” 

  1. The Moody Blogger

Bonding and going to adoption court in a foreign country is a surreal experience, and it is chronicled nicely here.

  1. Natalie Brenner Writes

This blog features refined photos chronicling the writer and photographer’s experiences learning she was pregnant after beginning the domestic adoption process. She says that “adoption has made me a better parent; it has cracked me wide open in the best sorts of painful ways.”

  1. Our Poland Adoption Journey

Excitement, airplanes, and hope surround a trip to bring home your new child from another country. From submitting their dossier to their first trip to the orphanage to Eastern European grocery shopping, the Clinnards bring you into the elation of their experience here.

  1. The Archibald Project

Detailing the lives of orphans all over the world and photographing adoptive families with acuity, the blogs on the Archibald Project’s website can be viewed here. Foster parents tell stories of the purpose and motivation they gleaned from adoptive parenting while the world feels the relief of one less child without a home.