The Best Adoption Profile Site Out There

The paperwork is done. The background checks are completed. The story has been told. But now how do you put your life on “display” for potential birth parents to see on an adoption profile site? You use’s Parent Profiles.

What is so great about their site compared to others? For starters, they have millions of site views a month, meaning the chances of your profile being looked at are greater. It can be hard enough “waiting” for your match to occur, but simply knowing your chances of being found are greater would be enough for me to chose Parent Profiles. I also like that you can invite friends to endorse or recommend you to the potential adoptive parents. Putting yourself on display and “selling” yourself to potential adoptive parents is hard. Being able to have friends and family members help with this is such a great tool to utilize.

One thing I really like about Parent Profiles is that it looks a lot like social media you’re familiar with, especially Facebook. You can display a large cover photo and a smaller profile picture. There are also several tabs you can include on your profile site, allowing you to chose how much you share.

Our adoptive mom chose us because of the amount of pictures we gave her access to, so I have a personal testament of the importance of photos. You can include these many different ways on Parent Profiles, allowing the adoptive parents to see plenty of pictures of you, as well as videos. And videos are a great, underrated way to have your first contact with potential birth parents.

There is also a way to “pin” your interests and hobbies just like you would on Pinterest. That way the potential adoptive parents can look and see if any of your hobbies or interests would be similar to theirs. Sometimes all it takes for a birth parent to choose an adoptive parent is having something in common.

I also love that one of the tabs can include posts you can make to your profile site. Since I like to refer to myself as a blogger, I love this idea! You can go on and write about your life experiences to give your potential birth parents an idea of what your child will experience when they are with you. This can be done on a weekly basis, a monthly basis, or however it fits into your calendar, but I think birth parents would love to be able to get as many glimpses into your life as possible.

If you’re interested in getting started with Parent Profiles, click here to pick the right plan for you.